Caring Cushions | Small


This caring cushion is filled with flax seed. You can put the pillow on the painful or stretched places or use it as relaxation before sleeping or after yoga. They are ideal for you ánd your children. We see heating this cushion for your loved ones on a cold winter day as a guesture of pure love and care. The special shape distributes the weight along the sides of the tummy where the heat is most needed. You can also use the cushion as a cold compress by cooling it in the freezer. Very useful when falling or bumping and to relieve breast engorgement.


Small : 23 x 12 cm

Medium : 28 X 14 cm

Large : 23 x 24 cm (cherrypit pillow)



  • Put the caring cushion in the Microwave
  • Heat it for 1 minute
  • If it’s not warm enough, shake the pillow and heat for another minute.
  • Repeat if necessary
  • Or cool it for at least 15 minutes in the freezer.


The Caring Cushion is not washable.

Be aware of burning by heating it too much.

Do not place the pillow on the bare skin 


Lavender: These lavender flowers are topquality and completely organic. The smell of lavender gives an experience of relaxation, peaceful sleep and it reduces your stresslevel.

Flax seed: The flax seed is of the best quality and from controlled organic farming. It’s 100% natural.

Organic Cotton: The cover of the pillow is made of organic cotton, the best for the future of our planet. The fabric is GOTS certified and printed by a non-toxic pigment.

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